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Setting You Up For Success 

Academic Success Plans (ASPs) exist for students who are interested in improving their academic performance in one or more areas. The Center for Academic Success (CfAS) and collaborating departments have come together to create a holistic program for students who have concerns with balancing their academic performance with their life responsibilities. Each program is individual to the student, which is how small learning communities can be created at such a large institution like FIU.

The ASP is comprised of the following:

  1. An orientation/reflection session where students have an opportunity to look back and discuss their academic performance from previous semesters
  2. Diagnostic sessions in reading and mathematics to determine any areas of improvement in fundamental academic skills
  3. Subject-specific tutoring in student’s choice of development
  4. Individualized sessions with an Academic Coach to develop time management, stress management and/or test anxiety
  5. Individualized communication between the students, CfAS team, advisors and professors

Meet The ASP Tutors

Our Academic Success Plan tutors are trained to help you succeed academically.

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Academic Coaches

Academic Coaches help students set goals and take the necessary steps to accomplish them. They also speak to students about motivation and how to find the drive to do things when you are feeling unmotivated.

Common questions students ask are about managing their time and balancing their academics with everything else going in their lives. Meetings with your Academic Coach can be about many different topics, but the main goal is helping each student become the best student that they can be.

Academic Coach
Kiara Kumar


About ASP

The original program was designed as an Academic Improvement Plan (AIP) and was intended to help exploratory students who found themselves on academic warning or probation. Since 2012, the program has expanded to help students from various colleges.

FIU is currently the fifth largest higher education institution in the country. Amidst a growing student population and an aggressive expansion in curriculum, a student can feel overwhelmed by the demands of such a competitive university. A student can also experience an array of academic and lifestyle transitions during his/her first year of college. Many FIU students have to work in order to afford the expenses of an undergraduate program. Others become actively engaged in FIU’s social culture. Although each student’s college experience is different, they must all balance their lives with their academics.

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