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In collaboration with Research Methods faculty, the Center for Academic Success (CfAS) will be offering support to students enrolled in Research Methods I (PSY3211). There are two workshop series: Reading & Writing Support and Statistics Support.  Please read the topics in each of the series for more information on what will be covered. 

Workshop Expectations

  1. Be prepared. Bring your textbook, syllabus, laptop and any pertinent materials related to the pace of the course. Rough drafts and data sets will be extremely helpful.
  2. Be on time. Sessions are one hour in length. The tutors need all of this time in order to provide each participant with the necessary attention and detail to his/her progress.
  3. Be responsible. Once you register for a workshop at the Center for Academic Success (CfAS) you are reserving a place that no other student can take. Be considerate with these workshops. Keep your Panther ID handy when you arrive. You must enter your information at the front area of the center. Make sure that your tutor records your attendance. At the end of the semester these records will be submitted to your professor.
  4. This is the first semester we are servicing both Research Methods I and II students.  We would like as much feedback as possible respective to whether this is helping your understanding of the course.

TLC RM 1: Statistical Series Syllabus

TLC RM 1: Reading & Writing Series Syllabus